Rain, rain go away …

Managed to get in about 20 miles this afternoon, ahead of (yet another) thunder storm. Actually, the rain started drizzling down as I was on the last mile and a quarter leg of my ride, which today featured a steady 5 to 7 percent incline.

So there’s only about 5 days left until the ride that got me started in this fundraising thing, the New York City Century. That’s a 100-mile tour of the Big Apple. If you recall, last year I had to drop out at about 55 miles due to a pulled groin muscle.

This year, however, I’m in much better riding shape. I’ve been steadily riding since March, I’ve dropped about 30 pounds (with more to go) and I dropped about 15 pounds off my bike, by replacing it. Case in point: That last mile and a quarter I wrote about earlier was a hill that a year ago would have caused me to stop and catch my breath for a while. Today, I took it with no problem.

I rode a metric century (67.5 miles) a few weeks ago with no real issues, so I’m pretty confident that I can go the extra 32 or so miles Sunday and finish the NYC century.

So, as I did a year ago, I’m asking those of you who haven’t already, and who can, to visit my Fisher House Foundation fundraiser donation page and pledge whatever you can to this great organization. For more information and an explanation of what I’m doing, please read on.



Why I do this.

I’m cycling to raise money for the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides “comfort homes” on  major military base and VA hospital campus to military, retirees, veterans and their families. The homes are used for stays while the hospital’s services are needed.

I’ve set as my goals this season 6 rides from the end of July through September, including up to three “Century Rides” of 100 miles.

I know first-hand what a tremendous service Fisher Houses provide; I stayed in one in West Palm Beach, Fl. while my dad was in his final illness. He any my mom also stayed in that particular home when he needed to visit the VA hospital there for routine things.

When you’re going through the stress of a loved-one’s illness, not having to worry about where you’re going to stay, or getting something to eat, is a great relief. On top of that, at the Fisher Houses are people who understand what you’re going through, and are there to lend a hand or a shoulder.

Please visit my donation page and, if you can, make a pledge. All the money pledged goes directly to the organization, which has been awarded four stars (out of four) by Charity Navigator and an A+ designation by the American Institute of Philanthropy.

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