Career Highlights

My reporting has:

  • Lead to the creation of a program in New Jersey through which every fire department and fire academy in the state was provided a free thermal imaging camera.
  • Lead to a judge’s finding that a several Central New Jersey officials had so corrupted a national housing developer’s application to build a senior living complex, that he threw out 10 years’ worth of approvals.
  • Lead to the discovery that some municipal Sewerage Authority officials used public money to fund junkets to places such as Disneyland.
  • Lead to the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts directing that state Superior, Supreme and Tax Court judge fill out the same financial disclosure forms that every other elected and appointed official in the state has to, promoting more transparency in the judiciary. This was under the cloud of impending legislation that would have done the same.
  • Helped expose massive under-reporting of the costs associated with closing Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, as part of the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure round.
  • Pushed the state to create a Web-based, searchable database of nursing homes and their owners, for the first time providing those looking for a nursing home the ability to easily check out a home’s ownership and overall record.
  • Lead the state, via legislation signed by Gov. Chris Christie, to reaffirm its commitment to businesses owned by military veterans through a mandate to seek out those business owners and have the more aggressively compete for state contracts. That was as close to a state contract set-aside bill as the governor would sign.