Hobbies and Fun Stuff

Well, there used to be a lot more. But I found that as I got older, my “adult” responsibilities took time away from the fun things. I have to change that.

One thing I like doing is noodling around on the Internet. I use it every day at work; I don’t know how journalists survived without it. But I still like to log on when I get home and visit a bunch of spots I can’t at work.

There are also a number of web sites run by progressive organizations to which I like to surf. So many people doing so many good things, it’s amazing the world is in the mess it is. Could you imagine how bad it would be without these folks?

Then there are the political web sites. Some of the ones I visit are off the wall, but you have to keep an eye on what everyone is doing.

I also like to visit some media sites, mostly newspapers, but the 24-hour cable news networks get my attention, too.

You can see all these sites on my “Web sites I visit” page, if you’re so inclined.

I’m not a huge sports nut, but I do enjoy watching out local independent minor league baseball team, the Somerset Patriots. They won the Atlantic League championship in 2001, 2003 and 2005. They’re the only league franchise to have won more than one championship title.

I also enjoy playing soccer and basketball, although I don’t get to do much of either these days. And I hold a Sin-Dan (3rd Degree) Black Belt in Combat Isshin-Ryu Karate developed by Shihan Gary Alexander.

I’m not really the artsy type, but I do enjoy photography. And I used to do ceramics and make model cars, though I haven’t done either in years. I hope to return to that soon.