Savage Lies


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on Michael Savage’s ‘Least Wanted’ List

I try to support my position with fact or any persuasion I can come up with.” Michael Savage, July 31 2009

Savage Lies, The Half-Truths, Distortions and Outright Lies of a Right-Wing Blowhard, gets behind the comments of right-wing radio host Michael Savage (nee Weiner) and exposes the lies he uses to support his positions.

Peter Werbe, host of Nightcall on Detroit’s WRIF, had this to say about Savage Lies: “I always thought Weiner was a liar, but ‘Savage Lies’ exposing the extent of them is really astounding.”

And Brad Kava, former columnist for the San Jose Mercury News and blogger at the San Francisco Radio Examiner, said this: “Bowman refutes the untruths in Savage’s writings. He’d need dozens of volumes to handle the lies on the radio shows. I’m glad someone is doing God’s work and not letting a demagogue get away with spouting any garbage that comes to mind, and ditto and dumbo heads will follow along mindlessly.”

Even Savage fans have some things to say about the book: “Craptastic,” “Cheap shot blog book,” and “Probably the worst book I have had the displeasure of opening.”

If Savage fans hate it, then thinking people will love it!

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